Scientific Program

Clinical Gastroenterology of Dogs and Cats


This six (6) hour seminar will be an interactive session featuring discussions on both medical and surgical topics in veterinary gastroenterology, with application to anyone working in a general practice setting.  Numerous case examples to highlight key points will be presented.  Our emphasis will always be on providing the latest information and presenting it in a way to maximize take-home applications for general practitioners.  There have been many advances in veterinary gastroenterology in recent years in both diagnostics and therapeutics.  We hope you will join us for what promises to be an enlightening and fun day, with time well spent.

  • Management of Acute and Chronic Vomiting in Dogs and Cats (Tams)

This session will provide a discussion that will include updates on antiemetic therapy, including emphasis     on the wide range of recognized uses for maropitant (Cerenia).  Prokinetic therapy for gastric hypomotility,    an underdiagnosed condition in dogs, will be reviewed. Case examples will illustrate important clinical points.


  • Tips on Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Diarrhea in Cats (Tams)

This session will provide an overview on diagnostic strategy for those troublesome diarrhea cases in cats. Which tests are most indicated and what is needed to get definitive answers? Key treatment strategies will also be reviewed. 


  • Updates in GI Surgery (Seim)

This session will focus on the surgical aspects of a variety of gastrointestinal disorders.  Dr. Seim has selected surgical disorders that commonly occur in veterinary practice.  Video of clinical cases will be used extensively to help illustrate the techniques employed in treating these disorders. Topics will include review of exploratory laparotomy for examination and procurement of tissue biopsies, surgical management of gastric dilatation-volvulus (derotation technique and the 10-minute gastropexy) a novel technique for anal sacculectomy, and the 4 ligature splenectomy; with tips to make it easier.


  • Liver Diseases in the Canine Patient (Ficociello)

This session will focus on common hepatopathies in dogs and review diagnostic options for liver disease.  Common medications used to treat hepatopathies, including chronic active hepatitis and copper hepatitis (think of all those Labrador Retrievers!) will be reviewed.


  • Liver Diseases in the Feline Patient (Ficociello)

This session will focus on common hepatopathies in cats and review diagnostic options for liver disease.  Interpretation of liver enzyme abnormalities and when to biopsy will be discussed.  Medications used to treat hepatopathies, including cholangiohepatitis, will be reviewed.